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Questions (Skit)

Big Bad Bosses [B3]

Questions (Skit) Lyrics

Uh! Aww, aww, hey man
Aww, sorry I--

Yo look, yo, okay?

Hey man don't get all mad at me!
Why you gotta be mad?!

No no, nonono look, you know what? Forget it
I'm gonna tell you why I'm mad
You assholes are making millions of dollars off this shit
Driving around in hot cars
You got bitches!
You got all that shit, you know what I'm saying?
I got a wife and kids to worry about mang
That's MY vibe, dawg
I wrote the music for Banjo Kazooie
That fucking chill-ass Goldeneye 64 pause track?
That shit was me, blood!
DK Rap? Perfect Dark? Grabbed by the Ghoulies? Viva Piñata?
I've been doing this shit for twenty fucking years bitch!
Where's MY boy band at?
And "I'm the Boss" was alright
It was ALRIGHT, you know what I'm saying?
But I could crush that shit if I had the chance man
Who the fuck are you to be asking me questions?

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