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Perks Callin (Freestyle)

Lor Scoota

Perks Callin (Freestyle) Lyrics


This the life of a young baller
Growing up, ain't have no damn father
The streets made me who I am mama
Eddie B he still be on my conscience

This the life of a young baller
Growing up, ain't have no damn father
The streets made me who I am mama
Eddie B he still be on my conscience

[Verse 1]

I been druggin druggin druggin real heavy lately
The other day I almost dozed off in the elevator
She asked me why my eyes closed I say I'm meditatin
All my niggas drink that lean need that medication

I'm just ridin round the city with no destination
I can go anywhere I want without no hesitation
Ain't enough weed in ya blunt you smokin hella paper
And fuck a weed man boy I gotta weed lady
I call her phone and say three words, what up juicy baby?
She say I'm here and then I pull up get 2 half a babies

I'm really talkin what I live ain't no fabrication
Most of them rappers who got deals use their imaginations
They ain't really in the field they just actin crazy
Me I'm still in the trenches after I got the paper
Since I got paper I been drippin I got lots of flavor
I watch a lot of niggas slip up and run out of paper
Buyin watches and shit, when you just got the paper
Try keep up with the shiners you goin run out of paper
We be rockin Italian shit on a daily basis
When you be this clean look at the look on bitches faces

Hold up this a nigga bitch callin
My diamonds dancing bitch they crip walkin
Excuse my language I'm just shit talkin
If you ain't hang with me you can't get shit from me

Been thinkin bout my bitch lately
Sorry, forgot you ain't my bitch baby
I don't want no relationship
But I still want ya friendship

Lately, I been on some other shit
Tell her come stay the night and i don't even fuck the bitch
I got too fucked up passed out in front the bitch
You got me fucked up you ever think I'm goin quit

We sippin out that double cup this that qualitest
R.I.P to Eddie b wish I could bring you back
Swear I smoke a thousand black and mildsto bring you back
My nigga used to smoke them bitches like they cigarettes
My trap buddy every morning first ones on the trap
We used to fuss about who get to hit the first pack
Do any thing to bring ya nappy head ass back

And I can hear the drugs callin
(and I can hear the drugs callin)
And I can hear the hood callin
(and I can hear the hood callin)
And I can hear my block callin
Only got one shottas callin
(they callin me)
You know it's on me nigga
(you know it's on me)
Everything is on me nigga
(everything is for the team nigga)
Do this shit for the team nigga
(YBS shit)
I'm just tryna live the dream nigga
(just tryna live the dream)

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