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This Velvet Glove

Red Hot Chili Peppers

This Velvet Glove Lyrics

Close to my skin, I'm falling in
Someone who's been
Sittin' by the phone, I'm left alone
In another zone

John says to live above hell
My will is well

No one is waiting for me to fail
My will could sail, yeah

It's such a waste to be wasted in the first place
I want to taste the taste
Of being face to face with common grace

To meditate on the warmest dream
And when I walk alone I listen to our secret theme

Your solar eyes are like nothing I have ever seen
Somebody closer can see right through
I'd take a fall and you know that I'd do anything
I will for you

Sailin' for the sun, cause there is one
Knows where I'm from
I care for you, I really do
I really do

Come closer now so you can lie
Right by my side
Sit alone in the sun, I wrote a letter to you
Getting over myself

[Hook x2]

Close to my skin, someone who's been
I'm a-falling in
Disasters are just another star
Falling in my yard

John says to live above hell
My will is well

Long to be with someone to tell
I love your smell

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About “This Velvet Glove”

The lyrics are cryptic as usual, but the overall meaning seems to revolve around wanting to get clean but needing someone’s help to do it. Anthony could either be talking about how he wants to get clean, or how he hopes that John does.

The title appears to be a reference to the surreal graphic novel “Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron”. The connection between the two would be that the protagonist in that story is on a journey to find meaning and sees how messed up everything is around him on the way there. Or it could just be a reference to the phrase “an iron fist in a velvet glove”, where a tough interior is hidden by something that appears softer. That could refer to Anthony hiding his inner turmoil by trying to keep a happy appearance.

"This Velvet Glove" Track Info

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