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Sunchokes Lyrics

Tiny room 8,000 miles away, crushing on a wasted Saturday. now I don’t have anything to show. I couldn’t sleep so i’ll go home. now it’s a new year, guess I didn’t notice. breathing heavy, you cloud up my eyes. isn’t anyone to sympathize. I didn’t know you like I thought i did. you never change but I sure did, now when I come down i come down hard//'cause it took me three long years to let go of you and your hold on me, and now I’m back in Ohio, where the sun chokes down, always getting the best of me, and these pretty thoughts always slipping away from me

If the city disappeared today, plastic flowers, bow my head and pray. as long as you’re the only thing I have, I guess I wouldn’t feel so bad if it’s a broken heart or an unmade bed. I can be with you and still feel strange, and I don’t think i like how things have changed. I thought that loving you would be enough. I couldn’t sleep so I grew up, now I’m in love with everyone//but lately you’re the only one who can make any sense of me and these pretty words, always slipping away from me, but I figured you out, and now I’m back in Ohio, where the sun chokes down my throat, with the sunchokes down my throat

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"Sunchokes" Track Info

Normal Day by Enjoy Fahrzeugfolierung #23 (JP´s Nissan GTR-R35) | Addtoany | Imbattibile (2006)