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VLK Music 674


VLK is a Hip-Hop Duo that comes from Pretoria, South Africa. The duo consists of members by the names ‘Villa OverNight’ and ‘Kelso Maniak’ (Real Names : ‘Nhlanhla Mnisi’ and ‘Keletso Pelle’). The 2 artists began making music together in 2014 and “VLK” was officially established in 2015.

They recorded their first song together titled “Can’t Touch This” in 2014, back when they were still in high school. The song was well received by everyone around them so they continued making music together and decided to join forces and create music as a duo.

The 2 artists went to college in 2016. Around mid-year, they both made a mutual agreement that they would drop out of college in order to fully focus on music and work on perfecting their craft.

In 2017, the Hip-Hop Duo released their first mixtape titled “Feel Alive”.

They then went to release their debut album titled “Diffusion” on the 8th of December 2018.

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