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Loosey in the Store with Pennies

Your Old Droog

Loosey in the Store with Pennies Lyrics

And everyday, my mother fed him Bulgarian buttermilk
That's the reason he's got so much energy today

[Verse 1]
Wanna know my plan B? No plan, B
That one bar will get you right like a Xani
Droogs poppin pills, real, even if they blackball or stop the deal
Diggin her back out while you still tryin to cop a feel
Dry humpin, I don't even try and I'm triumphant
Keepin it sharp they won't be askin where my umph went
It's more present than ever now that I'm buzzin
Like an old bulb that's fluorescent
get gone you poor peasant
Used to be a scammer now I no longer go to Western Union and Moneygram
I get money off the grammar

And the endeavor, never ends
Receivin checks from the Netherlands, no time for fairweather friends
Come around when its sunny, and it'll be a Bronx Tale
Have your organs on the black market in Yonkers on sale
Go to Riverdale just to make a liver sale
And still prevail, leavin' behind a positive trail
Paid for my sins like friends went without the dinner
The breadwinner, because I'm god, the scarhealer
You haven't heard a bar realer
I let Jesus take the wheel and the soundsystem he's a car stealer
Like it's '94 and they stealin computers up out the grey Buick
My debut sick like Illmatic, kill the static, had the greatest reception
Used to be real erratic, had to change my perception
Lose the Attention Deficit Disorder and hypertension
With no meds
, we all thoroughbreds
Have my pumpkin smoke you like some Marlboro reds
Bitch ain't the Long Island Lolita she know how to hold a heater
The key to success is havin' it locked, but don't get cocky
Talkin' shit on mushrooms, call it shiitake
I know cats who took LSD and became dumber
The only trips I take is three dice with the same number
Not including the little getaways to the Caribbean
Even when I'm here they don't know which crib we in
Hiding out in my lay location, A-okay,
they wonder how I stayed so patient
In the cut, laid up like a platypus, bag the chick with the fatter puss
Was real generic when I got at her
Still gave me play, leeway, so I can go ahead and save my lines for a rainy day
Sincerely yours as he signs the letter
Good dimes are hard to come by, still its 9's or better
I'm sayin, its no way I'm eatin' teriyaki wok with a bitch look like an Ewok, bro

You know I hit drive-thrus with tools, and eat sushi drinkin' saki with dimes
Get a little too stocky at times
Never do I panic
Guaranteed to showboat like the opening scenes of Titanic
Too many rapper types fall for the trap
End up modeling a beanie with a ball for the Gap
Tell me, does my speech really call for clappin'?
Theres too much echo in this hall for rappin', grasshopper
Be a showstopper at the opportune time
If the Droog's gonna do it, I'ma do it proper
I platoon with the proper tune
And I don't plan to stop for anyone, anytime soon
Can't play sick, woman don't trip
Keep it basic, you're not Grace Slick
Impure to the limit, immature
Demure? I'm not so sure
Lookin' swell as Notor, but really what the hell is couture?
Uh huh, yeah, I'm sure
Look, I want something not too many will buy
"Thanks, I try," said the perennial fly guy
Never indulge in Peppermint Patties or Good & Plenty's
But I once copped a loosey in the store with pennies

[Verse 2 - Extended Version]
With the help of the New York State of mind
I orchestrate rhyme, what you do?
Get drunk and walk a straight line like it's nothin'
Pop the cork off great wine
We dine with no pork on my fork I hate swine
I could give a flying fuck about Air Jordan
I'm telling you the people want to hear more than
Expensive cars and fly apparel, hell
Talk about the parallels, the perils and the L's

They don't elaborate, refusing to collaborate
I call them too wack
Don't deserve to be on a track with your man Droog from Remulak
I tell them sure you could spit, but it's the phlegm you lack
Never too boujee for E&J and Pure White Henny
Son used to cop a loosey in the store with pennies

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About “Loosey in the Store with Pennies”

The title appears to be a derivation from the Beatles' “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”. It samples Wes Montgomery’s instrumental cover of The Beatles' “A Day in the Life”

"Loosey in the Store with Pennies" Track Info

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