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Yugen Blakrok

Chatterboxin Lyrics

Black monolithic, sacred geometric solid
Philosopher’s stone sways the godhead melodic
When mankind's descent is normal logic
My aspiration's sky-bound like steeples of the gothic
Immersed in hidden gnosis within scripture
Seeing divine order arranging life's events like sporting fixtures
From instinct the program's genetic
We’re tracing treasure maps to distant lands, following an ancestry nomadic
Fanatic secular thought left otherselves vilified
Our dual natures switching faces like the sign of Gemini
Colonizing forces kept overriding paradigms
Only to impose their own as righteous & wise
Fighting for balance, warriors should know their own minds
But many blind eyes have watched as urban powers centralize
As smog replaces air, even thoughts become cancerous
We’re chemically medicated particles of dust
Like catatonic patients on life support, wasting away
And falling caustic showers of acid rains cause rust upon chain
So none as slaves shall remain
I’m borderline insane as time stills again
And the remnants of our youth start fading with age
Rock upon stone upon rock, silence of the graves
Destination’s one-way, driven by warmongers
And higher social classes been proven to live longer
Now scientists from yonder test elite viral strains
On homo-sapiens that only become stronger
Diseases for different income brackets
The medical business is booming like sky rockets on cash
Caskets to distant planets like holographic baskets
With bodies wrapped up in astral material blankets
Flying unidentified as black objects in a dark place
Exposed when Luna shows her face
The vastness of space suffocates like aggravated asthma
And barefooted children with lead in their plasma
Observe the upgrade from broomstick flight patterns
Equinox in rural daymares & night-time chatterboxes
Clumsy hands clatter forks & sharp knives scatter oxen as screams shatter doctrine

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