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Love Lyrics

You have brought me to my death, to live with all of my loyal friends
In the dirt, where you're not dead, you're breathing, separated from your hospital bed
"We're gathered here today to celebrate a life", they said
They said, I said, I said
That it's my fault, it's my fault
You're all gone and it's my fault
It’s my fault
So I throw my head into the drywall
Now I only measure time in "days since you died"
And for every rising number there's a gear of mine that ceases to grind
On the day of your funeral I looked from behind and your casket started to dance and the flowers grew fast and intertwined
This is me saying I don't know how to live without you and never have
So sing me to sleep
As those flowers start to weep
Love is dead
But still the thought circles my bed
I don't know if I can walk this road again
Love is dead, love is dead
"Can't miss what was never alive" I said
As I blew one last kiss, the end

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