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The Song I Wrote for You

Yüth Forever

The Song I Wrote for You Lyrics

I met the devil and she was gorgeous
She told me how much she loved me and that I was important
So much til my body was freed from discordance
As she slowly removed her blade from my organs

I met the devil as she made her home in my brain
She looked at me and smiled and said you know my name
I am all of the fears that eat you away
Forever this is my home, may you rest in pain

I met the devil and she bore a blank face
She lives inside of all my mistakes
She isn’t real
She is every emotion I never knew how to conceal
She isn’t real
She’s inside my head and tells the world how I feel

Trigger finger itching
To start a revolution
Sick of all the kids who overdo it
Sick of how I feel when I’m alone in my room so I made a place for us to live together, me and you
Promise that there’s room for two in my coffin
As long as you promise to think of me often

I think the truth is that I never learned to cope with shit
Spending all my time trying to reconcile my innocence
Couldn't find love so I found it in my sentences
Skeleton Youth saves me from my sentiments

I know when you cry you think of me
How you're turning into all you don't want to be
How you wish you were a little less like me
A little less lonely
Well I’m sorry and welcome you to the family
I don’t know how to be happy
But neither do you
Stuck in the dirt, just us two
Alone together
Skeleton Youth Forever
Alone together
Skeleton Youth Forever

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"The Song I Wrote for You" Track Info

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