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Read All The Lyrics To Smino’s New Album ‘NØIR’

Valee, Dreezy, & Ravyn Lenae make appearances.

St. Louis rapper Smino’s sophomore album, NØIR, has arrived. The 18-track album serves as the official follow-up to 2017’s blkswn, and includes the MC’s recent singles “L.M.F.” and “KLINK.” NØIR features Bari, Dreezy, Ravyn Lenae, Valee, and Jay2, while production is handled by THEMPeople, Monte Booker, Sango, and Smino himself.

Smino announced the project in late October with a freestyle video, where he rapped about what to expect:

I said okay, fuck it
November I’m droppin' on the 8th like a Tre 5, Smino noir
Album sound like watchin' Martin, thinkin' Trayvon
New ice skates on, Smino noir

Smino has been busy since the release of blkswn last year, collaborating with the likes of Noname, Sango, Jean Deaux, and Phoelix.

Check out all the lyrics to Smino's 'NØIR' below:

  1. “KOVERT”
  2. “L.M.F.”
  3. “KLINK”
  5. “SPINZ”
  6. “SUMMER SALT” feat. Bari
  7. “Z4L” feat. Jay2 & Bari
  8. “MERLOT”
  10. “HOOPTI”
  11. “PIZANO”
  13. “FENTY SEX” feat. Dreezy
  14. “BAM 2x”
  15. “KRUSHED ICE” feat. Valee
  16. “SKEDOS”
  17. “MF GROOVE” feat. Ravyn Lenae
  18. “VERIZON”
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