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I Tracklist

About “I”

A 1 song EP recorded by Meshuggah in 2004. It is 21 minutes long. “That whole track was written and recorded just on random. Me and Fredrik would just jam on something, and when we found something that was kind of cool, he would walk into the control room. I would just record drums and it wasn’t a set pattern, I would just kind of stray away from the pattern, but just keep going in that vibe. Then we had to chart everything and go bar by bar to record the guitars afterwards, because it’s all just random” -Tomas Haake,

Interview with Meshuggah: Challenges CollapseThe Aquarian
It's been six years since Meshuggah wrote what you might call a proper album, that is, a collection of songs. Between 2002's Nothing and today's obZen, the Swedish technical metal outfit has released 2004's EP, I, and 2005's full- length, Catch Thirtythree, as essentially single pieces of music, studio-influenced experiments.

“I” Q&A

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