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Cadet 100

AKA: The Underrated Legend and Blaine Johnson

About Cadet

CADET CADET! Saw a buzz in the initial Grime scene from a freestyle video made his cousin Krept, now reuploaded as ‘CADET CADET CLASSIC WATCH

He dropped out of the scene for many years, but came back when Jamal Edwards [SBTV] gave him a chance to do a ‘Warm Up Sessions’…

Cadet talks of being inspired at the main stage at Wireless, performing with his cousin Krept.

Cadet’s approach to music changed when he re-entered the scene… his content focused on personal, heartfelt lyrics, touching stories and relatable, everyday content.

His first release under this new wave was ‘You Need to Hear This’.

It’s fair to say that Cadet gained his reputation from gaining the hearts of his fans.

Not much more can be said about the artist that isn’t told through the content of his tracks.

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