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About Conejo

Jose Martin better known by his stage name Conejo (Born October 9, 1974) is a Mexican-American rapper from West Los Angeles.
He first started rapping when he was only 16,
with the help of DJ Motiv8. Although he’s been making demo tapes since 1991, it wasn’t until 1998 when he released his first official project “Shady Conejo”. From then his music career just begun.

In November 2002, Conejo and Edger Luna, both members of the West Side Harpys, became 2 of Los Angeles Most wanted after the murder of a guy who was the DJ at a party Conejo and Luna both attended.

Since that incident he drop numerous of Albums more than 90 LPs while on the run and established his own label “Felony Case Records”. And created his own clothing line “Bonarue Nation”. In November 30, 2016 He got arrested in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico.

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