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Cyberbully Mom Club

About Cyberbully Mom Club

“There’s a group of singer-songwriters who primarily live on Tumblr and Bandcamp and upload songs with comforting frequency. Cyberbully Mom Club are among them, as are artists like Frankie Cosmos and Infinity Crush. They all possess a spontaneous ingenuity, one where nothing is too fussy and everything feels just right. That’s not to say that there’s no thought put into these songs — one listen and you can tell that these have been toiled over. It’s just that there’s an immediacy here that feels lacking in a lot of other music. The songs are essentially photographs of a specific moment in time; each album a stack of Polaroids that you can flip through and flash back to memories, both bad and good.” – Stereogum

In an interview with Stereogum, lead singer, Shari Heck, had this to say about how the band’s name came to be: “I just thought of it one night and I really have no idea how or where it stemmed from. I wish I did but there’s just not much behind it at all.”

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