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Ferdi (UK)

About Ferdi (UK)

Ferdi is a social media celebrity who recently in became famous in October from social media uploading numerous videos of a footage of him being involved in a bicycle accident back in 2016.

In the accident, a black cyclist (Jay Jay) is leaving from his estate on his bicycle and accidentally collides into a wall and falls off his bike while Ferdi is fixing a brake pad from his BMW 5 Series (E60) wheel because he said he heard noises coming from it. When the guy hit Ferdi, Ferdi’s head was in the wheel area of the car because he was looking for the problem, the guy’s body fell onto Ferdi and he hit his head severely on the brake pad and Ferdi became exasperate due to the pain and was complaining to the black guy on why he was speeding and didn’t accept that it was an accident.

This video then became a meme due to social media users using his accent as a meme also his little knowledge of English. They made a mockery of these phrases he said:

• “Why/How you coming fast?”
• “Don’t go anywhere”
• “Are you fucking blind, you can’t see me?”
• “Is it bleeding?”

He is also famous for his clothing in the video of the hi-visibility vest, the white cap, and the grey hoodie.

Ferdi then asked one of his friends son (Can Kabadayi AKA. Snatchy) to give his Instagram named “officialsnatchy” to him because it already had 200,000 followers and he wanted to start up with this many followers for him to become famous, also because Snatchy already had a second account with only 80,000 folowers. Ferdi deleted all of the “officialsnatchy” posts and renamed the account to “Ferdicomingfast” and uploaded a video of himself acknowledging that this is an account of him and to get everyone to follow him.


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