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About Greyhaven

Greyhaven’s debut full-length, Cult America, was released in 2014 and has since enjoyed a steady increase in reverence from fans and critics alike. On Cult America, Greyhaven came close to achieving the sound they’ve sought since beginning their careers in music. With four more years of creative maturity in hand, the members of Greyhaven – Brent Mills (Vocals), Johnny Muench (Bass), Nick Spencer (Guitar) and Ethan Spray (Drums) – were able to precisely pinpoint their intentions on Empty Black, resulting in a collections of songs that brings to fruition their vision of a rock record that could withstand the test of time.

At the core of Empty Black is the theme of universal struggle, both on a macro and micro level, best exemplified by the cynical nature of the opioid crisis or our dependency on oil. Government maintains a volatile control over an international drug trade that causes the decimation of small town communities across America and an oil economy that is destroying the environment. As these epidemics spread, government involvement becomes more lucrative, increasing their incentive to grow their roles in these industries. Here we find one of the many meanings for the title, Empty Black, as the term conjures images of both gasoline and heroin.

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