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Imperial Circus Dead Decadence


About Imperial Circus Dead Decadence

Imperial Circus Dead Decadence (インペリアルサーカス・デッド・デカダンス Inperiaru Saakasu Deddo Dekadansu), sometimes shortened to ICDD, is a Japanese doujin black metal (or brutal decadence metal) band formed in 2007 in Fukuoka. The band currently consists of Rib:y(uhki) (lead vocals), Hull of VAGUEDGE (bass and synthesizer), KIM (lead guitar), and supporting members KIMI of BRIDEAR (female vocals), Hellnear (vocals), Yuto Iizuka (guitar), and Shuhei Kamada of Malikliya (drums). Their songs are performed in Japanese and the fictional “Taihaisekai” language. All stories in their albums take place in Decadenscene. @mentors

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