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It's D-Money Baby

About It's D-Money Baby

Donavan Williams (It’s D-Money Baby), is a African-American and German mixed artist born in Los Angeles, CA. on Oct 02, 1985. Donavan became interested in art at a very young age when he began writing poems. His interest in poetry and writing led him into drawing along with song writing. Eventually Donavan found himself recording his 1st song at a friends house. Not long after that he found himself learning to write, record, engineer and master everything himself on his own, he has been doing that ever since 2008. His sound has increasingly developed as well as have gotten better. Donavan took graphic design classes in High School for his 11th and 12th grade elective courses where he developed a creative artistic approach when utilizing adobe photoshop since 2003. He now makes all his own cover art work and advertising art and design work himself. When Donavan became older he always had a thing for taking pictures with his T-Mobile Sidekick LX. Years of taking mobile photos developed a skill for photography which led Donavan into purchasing his first Canon DLSR camera. Donavan has been a professional photographer for five years now going on six years. Donavan Williams is by far one of the most talented artist of today with his diverse category of arts which include: Poetry, Song Writing, Recording Artist, Music Engineering, Graphic Designing, Photography, Videography.

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