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Life of Dillon

About Life of Dillon

Life of Dillon is a London-based duo formed in late 2014, composed of David Keiffer and Joe Femi, self-terming its style of music as an “acoustic house”.

David and Joe have known each other since high school, and used to write songs and play gigs down at the local pubs after class. In an interview, David shared how the band was named after a Nepalese surfer named Dillon, whom they encountered during a trip to Brazil in 2014.

Upon returning to London, the band took all they had learnt on its trip, as an inspiration for its logo; with a child depicting Dillon’s forever young spirit, and the antlers, an embodiment of his ‘taking life by the horns’ attitude, which is seen in all of its artworks.

They were the first group signed to Disruptor Records, previously a venture from ‘The Chainsmokers' manager, Adam Alpert, now partnered with Sony Music Entertainment.

The band released its debut EP album, Prologue, in 2015, which also featured Robert Griffith (Joe’s brother) who was temporarily a member of the band.

They’ve since been working on a new project, with singles, “Sex for Breakfast,” “Rocks,” and “Focus,” released in the first quarter of 2017.

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