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Neon Indian

About Neon Indian

Neon Indian, formed in Denton, TX, is an electronic band, largely attributed as pioneers in the microgenre “chillwave”.

Taking form similar to Tycho or Tame Impala, Neon Indian is masterminded single-handedly by Alan Palomo, a singer-songwriter, and producer from Monterrey, Mexico.

Neon Indian’s debut, Psychic Chasms (2009) was released to acclaim, a pivotal moment in the birth of chillwave, blending dreamy, lush soundscapes with thick, hazy synthpop.

The group’s follow-up Era Extraña (2011) marked a slight departure from the scratchy, lo-fi sonics of Psychic Chasms, delivered a wider, poppier, and even more atmospheric sound.

“Polish Girl,” from their sophomore effort has become Neon Indian’s most recognizable song to date, featured in the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V’s remaster, along “Change of Coast,” which was exclusively released for the game.

In what would be the longest hiatus for the project, Palomo was burgled of an entire album’s worth of material, before writing another record, with an even bigger departure in sonics. VEGA INTL. Night School (2015), was released, once again to acclaim, this time for a more high fidelity approach to the synthpop sound, blending the dark, hazy atmosphere, and the pure dance, pop music of Alan Palomo’s solo act ‘VEGA’.

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