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Netta Barzilai - נטע ברזילי

About Netta Barzilai - נטע ברזילי

Netta was born 22. 1. 1993 in Israel. As a little child she lived with her parents 4 years in Nigeria but after that period they came back to Israel.
As a kid Netta also suffered with inferiority complex and she never fit into the society of people of her age. However after some time she decided to transform this “problem” into her advantage and so she started to build up her career on her dissimilarity.
After finishing her high school she served one year of compulsory military service in Israel and after that she competed in the talent show Rising Star where she succeeded and won.
With her song “Toy” she attended Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, and also won.

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