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About Ngọt

A Vietnamese indie band hailed from Hanoi, founded in 30/11/2013. Currently there’s 4 members:
1. Nguyễn Hùng Nam Anh
2. Phan Việt Hoàng
3. Vũ Đinh Trọng Thắng
4. Nguyễn Chí Hùng
On September 2017, their first album debut Ng`bthg was released.

Their own introduction on Facebook:
- Ngọt, translated into English, means Sweet, the taste. We like candy. When you were a kid you dreamed of eating lots of candies… Then most people grow up and give up on it; maybe they have other dreams, or maybe they stop dreaming. So we band together to live out kids’ dream.

  • We love to connect people. Our music is one type of communication that is not as boring as conversations.

  • We play music to have fun. Seeing people enjoying our music is a reward itself.

  • However, some of our songs are not meant to share our feelings, or make people happy. Sometimes we need to stop being emotional to think critically.

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