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Niki & Gabi 259


About Niki & Gabi

Nicola and Gabriella DeMartino (aka Niki and Gabi), you most likely recognize them from Youtube. They are known as the opposite twins because of their opposite styles. Niki is edgy and Gabi is girly.

They were ‘ordinary’ youtubers who made covers once in a while (wildest dreams, pillowtalk etc)

In 2015 they released their first original song called “it” on youtube. It currently has 3,3 million views

In 2017 they released their second single (and first single released on itunes, spotify etc) called “First”. Written by Gabi

9 months after, they dropped their third single called “RU”. The music video is their most watched video on youtube.

In june 2018 the twins announced their debut EP called “Individual”, including “RU”

1. RU
2. Make It Sting
3. Sleep It Off
4. Flowers (Gabi’s solo song)
5. Let It Roar (Niki’s solo song)
6. Out From Under You

Individual’s spotify succes:
1. RU (1.9 million streams)
2. Make It Sting (95k streams)
3. Sleep It Off (577k streams)
4. Flowers (392k streams)
5. Let It Roar (259k streams)
6. Out From Under You (215k streams)

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