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Ollie 201


About Ollie

Ollie is a Canadian rapper. From emotional, to hype, to inspirational music, Ollie talks about a wide range of topics such as heartbreaks, his come-up, and “fake” people.

Denton Oliver, or Ollie, was born in Port Dover, Ontario on December 11, 1995. Once Denton began rapping online, he gave himself the name “Olly"—a fun twist on his last name, "Oliver.” However, because of Olly Murs' sudden rise, it became increasingly harder to find Denton’s music. Because of this, Denton made the decision to switch from “Olly” to “Ollie.”

Ollie first emerged on the hip hop scene after he dropped out of university—twice—and left his football career behind to pursue what he believed to be his purpose. Being influenced from a variety of music such as country, rock, and hip hop, Ollie has developed a unique sound.

Despite major setbacks and a serious car accident nearly taking both his brother’s life and his own, Ollie has found ways to tell his story so that listeners can find comfort or healing by knowing that they are never alone.

Deep, meaningful, and “real” music is what Ollie prides himself on with the phrase “More Than Music.” With each song he makes, he stays true to those three words—never forgetting how or who got him to where he is today.

019 Leisure Time (Freizeit) | Terms of Use | Jurassic World: El Reino Caído 3D [DTS 5.1][VOSE]