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AKA: The Specktators

About Packy

Patrick “Packy” Duda is an up-and-coming artist who is signed by and is co-owner of The Specktators Collective. He once operated under the group name “The Specktators” with his brother, Matt “Moe-T” Duda. However, in order to sign artists and appear on magazines meant for solo artists, the two decided to make The Specktators Collective a label and for Packy to rap under his nickname. Prior to signing with The Specktators Collective, Packy (under the name The Specktators) was signed to a deal with MTV/Sony in 2013.

Packy is from East Lansing, Michigan. His first—but unofficial—project was The Never Ending Mixtape, in which songs were released monthly from October 2009 to January 2011. Following this project, Packy released 4 official mixtapes: Familiar with Floss, The Sunroom, About That Life, and Same Difference. A variety of songs were taken from the first 3 mixtapes to create a compilation album, called The Transition.

The Parlay was Packy’s first official album. Released in 2013, the album was produced completely in-house and had no features on it, which allowed both Packy and Moe-T to hone their skills. Since then, Packy has released 2 other projects, Mad Lifey and Area 51. Following this, 13 “inkblot” singles were released in 2017, though they appear to be completely independent works of art.

Kürzeste Entfernung | Die Retter vom Mount Everest | Suministros de limpieza para el hogar