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About QuindyWarhol

Glamorously self-made, Quin is a downtown divo that combines pop hooks with retro disco sounds. Influenced by Andy Warhol’s philosophy on pop culture, David Bowie’s chameleon, androgynous fashion sens & Madonna’s provocative persona, he is a theatrical a self-made pop artist.

Growing up, he had his ears fed with rock bands such as U2, Queen & Pink Floyd, as well as opera & of course, pop music.
In the middle school, Quin studied four years of theater, sang in the school choir for a year & took paiting & fashion design classes. At the age of 14, Quin learned to play the piano by ear, & sooner he was writing his very first little songs.
Later in early high school, he payed a small role in a musical organized by the Conservatory of Brasov.

Quin’s fashion style is a mixture of 70’s glam, 80’s extravagance, 90’s Heroine Chic, all this spiced with an androgynous punk finish. He calls himself a Punksexual – being fascinated by the punk culture. “I love to push boundaries of what a man can look like.”

Out of Control is the first single released in 2017. “That record changed everything for me. There were people coming to me asking where they can listen to this song. After months & years of misery, people were willing to listen to what I had to say.”

Vainsexual is the ongoing written debut album that deals vanity, glamour, fashion, music, decadence & partying – basically all things seen trough Quin’s sunglasses. Quin claims that this mirrors the times that we are living in.

The title track, Vainsexual, is the anthem of vanity, & probably the best way of describing Quin’s glamour-centric lifestyle. Fetish for You, the provocative track that brings back the 70’s disco groove, talks about the confusion between dominance & submission. The piano driven Musicsexual, deals with the music world as seen by Quin, with “plastic synthesizers burning” & “platinum blonde pop stars”. Broken Drum-Machine is a theatrical dance track that compares someone’s heart to a drum machine.
Dealing with making out while being intoxicated, Make Out & Go/In Control is a progressive dance track, Make Out & Go being a dark base driven song contrasted by In Control, a champagne sweet pop ballad with – perhaps we can say – intoxicated autotuned vocals. The glam rock manifesto Punk Party unleashes the rebel of this glamour addicted star while he’s partying under a “stunned disco ball”. Punksexual is the hip-hop spin of the record with catchy hooks, while The Only Boy, an R&B futuristic track, is the most vulnerable moment of the record.

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