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Scarlxrd 1,123

AKA: Mazzi Maz, Yung Scar, Scar Lord, and Marius Listhrop

About Scarlxrd

Marius Lucas-Antonio Listhrop is a British artist from Wolverhampton, England that raps under the moniker Scarlxrd (also known as Yung Scar). Formerly a YouTube vlogger known as Mazzi Maz, known for collaborations with fellow YouTuber Sam Pepper. He later deleted his videos in order to create a new image for himself. He started rapping in 2015 and has released 6 projects since then. He was also the vocalist for rap-rock band Myth City.

He is known for his stylisation of replacing “O’s” with “X’s” and his unique sound with combines rap with metal. He gained notoriety with his biggest song to date, “Heart Attack” which has over 7 million plays on Soundcloud.

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