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Shotty Horroh

About Shotty Horroh

Considered to be one of the greatest battle rappers of all time out of the United Kingdom, Adam Rooney better known as his stage name ‘Shotty Horroh’ is a rapper from Manchester, UK who specialises in deep content within lyrics, UK hip-hop & entertaining rap battles with the support of his group ‘Mosh Team’. He has been making music since 2007 and selling it on the streets but never found the deserved attention only doubt. To better promote his music he came from a rough area and made his début in battle rap in early 2011 against Disciple on the underground UK rap battle league ‘Don’t Flop’. Shotty now holds the record globally for most viewed English spoken rap battle in history featuring Arsonal at over 10 million views on Don’t Flop. He later created his own battle rap league within the UK named ‘Lab Battles’ and hosted a number of (now huge) battle rappers such as King of the Dot’s Dizaster. Having helped the league succeed, promoted his music but not feeling he was being paid what he believed should be his value as an entertainer, Shotty retired from Don’t Flop with the promise not to return in 2013 after setting a record win/loss ratio of 14 wins & 1 loss. At this point, Canadian rap battle league King of the Dot spotted him and hosted a few of his battles allowing himto be talent scouted by the likes of Drake and Deadmau5. Having been signed by a major label and working with popular artists including Canadian producer Deadmau5, UK grime emcee JME and New York rapper Squala Orphan just to name a few, Shotty returned to making his music and in 2016 announced his retirement from rap battle completely. To date he has been featured on sbtv and the world’s most listened to radio station ‘BBC radio 1’ for Charlie Sloth’s show Fire in the booth, this was after demolishing Sam K in Sloth’s rap battle league Cold City Battles years prior. Shotty now continues to release brilliant music or getting into stand-off’s.
Most recently he revealed a diss track to UK pop-star turned grime MC ‘Chipmunk’ in the defence of fellow Manchester rapper Bugzy Malone. Chip later removed all diss tracks and moved on from the topic entirely.
It can be assumed this was another win by default for the extremely skilled rapper from the UK known as Shotty Horroh.

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