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Yama Buddha

About Yama Buddha

Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha was a Nepali rapper. He started his musical career in 2011 and became popular among the Hip-Hop and Rap genre in context of Nepal. Yama Buddha made more than a splash in the Nepalese Hip Hop scene.

He was one of the most prominent rappers in Nepal. His songs Sathi, Aama, Yo Prasanga, Antya Ko Suruwat etc. are popular hits. He was the creator and the presenter of the Popular Rap Battle show Raw Barz.

The young rapper died due to an apparent suicide in the UK. Although he is no longer with us, his songs will always be there for us.

RIP Anil Adhikari (30 May 1987 – 14 January 2017).

Edited by @Misami

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