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Yun Head

About Yun Head

14-year old Filipino rapper and producer Yun Head has made satirical and controversial meme rap songs since January of 2018. He was born in Manila, Philippines, but spent most of his music career in Honolulu County, Hawaii.

Yun Head is one of the few rappers who rap about controversial topics, in an offensive aspect. He uses the term “offensive rap” to describe his genre of music. The genre is a subgenre of meme rap, where rappers rap over a familiar piece of music (that is sampled in a rap beat) or rap in a comedic manner. The satirical aspect of offensive rap is not supposed to be taken seriously, but rather in a laughable manner. Yun Head popularized this small genre of meme rap.

The child prodigy has made songs such as Lil Gumball and Anime is Gay. He has collaborated with known artists, such as Legendary Guy, and Minecraft King27. He curates the collective called FRICKGANGCOLLECTIVE, which is also curated by Lil Bodyfat.

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