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Ziggy Alberts 1,290


About Ziggy Alberts

Ziggy Alberts combines folk vocals with acoustic songwriting backdrops. He fills his songs with story, creating a depth to his music.

As described on this website,

Ziggy Alberts is a coastal folk, singer/songwriter, free surfer & environmental enthusiast from the East Coast of Australia. He sings heartfelt stories of personal endeavours and experiences, oceanside upbringing, environmental issues and life on the road.

Ziggy has been pushing the boundaries and expectations of unsigned artists – from picking up his first left-hand guitar in 2011 to selling out headline shows at Australia’s most established theatres in 2017. He released Land&Sea and single Runaway in 2015, followed by 2016’s Four Feet in The Forest – Ziggy’s grassroots following is growing every day with 50 million streams on Spotify alone. Ziggy released his single Heaven on the 15th of September 2017.

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